Ideas, thoughts and experiences

Film Trailer Video Production for Bafta Nominated – Is There Anybody Out There?

In November 2023 we were asked by Glasgow based independent movie distributor, Conic Film to produce an audio trailer for a wonderfully uplifting new film that was due for imminent…Read More

Why Is Video Content a Good Idea for Your Small Business or Organisation?

Video shows potential clients and customers very clearly what you can do for them. It helps someone see what you’re about and builds trust in you. High quality videos capture…Read More

New Video Project Illuminates Some of Stirling’s Fascinating History

We were so excited recently to be commissioned by Stirling Council to re-vamp Stirling Old Town Cemetery’s website. It is such a fascinating place, in such a stunning location, perched…Read More

Teaching the fundamentals of podcast production.

Professional Podcast Production – Let us Help!

Alongside our website and design work, audio and video production are areas that Unavoided are now moving into. Including professional podcast production! One of our awesome clients, Marianne Rutz is…Read More

You want a Phone App… no problem!

Being part of the Vibration Music Festival production team has and continues to be quite awesome! In the months leading up to the event there were loads of exciting meetings…Read More

Looking After 10000 Photos

We were approached recently by the Scottish Motor Museum Trust to help get their archive of 10000 images up online for people to purchase. Thankfully all the images were catalogued…Read More

Introducing a new way to pay for your website

Well that’s a slight lie, we’ve always allowed clients to pay monthly, this is just the first time we’re announcing it on our site! Starting in January 2018 we are…Read More

Online payments

The Small Problem with PayPal and Online Payments

When you are setting up an e-commerce site for the first time, the easiest option to take online payments was PayPal, you just needed to set up and account and…Read More

The Social Media Minefield

Social media, well what we really me is Facebook to be honest. If you have a business it’s highly likely that you will have a Facebook page set up for…Read More

Decision Time – a website with a shop or a prepaid shopping cart with a website?

So you have a physical shop or you’ve been selling things online via eBay or Etsy and you want to expand and create an online shop of you’re very own!…Read More

Email Newsletters and Updates Made Easy

Have you noticed recently that the amount of people that see your posts on Facebook has decreased dramatically and you might not be getting the same kind of response through…Read More

Multi-Language Website

Even if you have a .co.uk domain chances are someone somewhere around the world will have viewed your website and they may or may not be able to speak English.…Read More

We Love WordPress

And we think you will too! There’s an internet fact, that WordPress powers 20.1% of the top 10 million websites as of August 2013. It is by far the most…Read More

Mobile Themes

There is no doubt that browsing a website on a mobile phone can difficult. Trying to find the phone number of the shop or the address of the restaurant is…Read More

Templates vs. Design

When making decisions about a new website the questions that you may be asking yourself are, ” Do I want to build my own website  using widely available, generic  templates…Read More

Gift Vouchers

Being able to sell gift vouchers without having to lift a finger at a busy time of year like Christmas sounds pretty good right! Now you can by making the…Read More