Film Trailer Video Production for Bafta Nominated – Is There Anybody Out There?

In November 2023 we were asked by Glasgow based independent movie distributor, Conic Film to produce an audio trailer for a wonderfully uplifting new film that was due for imminent release: Is There Anybody Out There? It features the film maker Ella Glendining, who was born with a very rare condition where she does not have hip joints and is short and has mobility issues as a result. Suffering daily discrimination throughout her life, she finds out about a group of people with similar conditions who were meeting up in America.

The audio trailer was for use on Spotify mainly as part of the full promo run for the film. Conic Film were so pleased by the audio trailer that they offered us the job of creating a 30 seconds version of the main trailer for use online to further promote the film. With only a matter of days to finish it we edited the footage and audio down to make the video trailer that you see here.

We are very pleased with how it turned out and we were even more pleased to hear that the film has just been nominated for Outstanding Debut by a British Writer, Director, or Producer at the BAFTA Film Awards!

We also produced a portrait version of the trailer for use on social media. Making video content for social media is another job we do on a weekly basis for clients. It is challenging to get right and there are lots of factors to consider, such as placement of text and shots, all to best get the story across in as exciting a way as possible. Making a 30 seconds version of a longer video may at first seem easy, but it is tricky to create a cohesive and engaging story in such a brutally short timeframe.

We are really happy to now be working with Conic on further films that they are disributing. Please contact us if you wish any video or audio work done. We get just as much of a buzz helping to promote small and medium sized businesses as we do with films!

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