Email Newsletters and Updates Made Easy

Have you noticed recently that the amount of people that see your posts on Facebook has decreased dramatically and you might not be getting the same kind of response through social media? Facebook now want you to pay to post. The more you pay, the more people will see you post. They have just re-iterated that ‘like & share’ competitions are against the rules and will penalise pages that run them.

We recently ran a campaign on facebook paying for the post to be in peoples newsfeed does work, it cost £18 and we got over 200 responses but that could become costly. It might be time to add another stream of internet advertising to increase your customer awareness. One way to keep in touch with customers is through the use of email newsletters.


MailChimp is an online service which manages email newsletter and subscribers. It’s a free service until you have over 2000 subscribers in your database. You can create a template (or we can) which would reflect the look and feel of your business. Once you’ve sent your email it gives you a report of how many people read and clicked links in the email, handy to find out what works and what doesn’t. Mailchimp handles all the subscriptions and unsubscribes leaving you to write a good update!

WordPress can also integrate a form which allows users to sign up via the website. You can see examples on love-lala.com and velveteasel.co.uk.

It couldn’t be simpler to broaden you customer base

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