New Video Project Illuminates Some of Stirling’s Fascinating History

We were so excited recently to be commissioned by Stirling Council to re-vamp Stirling Old Town Cemetery’s website. It is such a fascinating place, in such a stunning location, perched just below Stirling Castle and steeped in such diverse and interesting history.

The website, which we built a decade ago is already a brilliant resource. It has features on many of the different stones, statues, monuments, plus information on the iconic Star Pyramid and Ladies Rock among others. It also has details of the much-needed £1.7m restoration work which was recently carried out throughout the cemetery.

On a fine and sunny morning we met up with Dr Murray Cook, who is Stirling Council’s Archeologist and filmed a series of videos. These videos now feature on the new Stories Section of the website and detail some of the amazing tales that the Graveyard has to tell.

We also recorded an introductory video with him, which now features on the homepage of the site, which gives an overview of some of the graveyard’s famous features.

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