Mobile Themes

There is no doubt that browsing a website on a mobile phone can difficult. Trying to find the phone number of the shop or the address of the restaurant is never easy on a desktop designed website. You have to zoom in and scroll round and inevitably your finger hits the wrong button.

This is where a simple mobile theme can come in handy. A mobile theme removes all the unnecessary info from a page and just shows the user what they want. The homepage should have easy access to all the info a user might want – a telephone number, the business address, a map and big buttons to all the areas on the site.

We are able to provide you with a mobile that needs no additional content management. It will have the look and feel of your website just much easier to use. Users on a mobile will be automatically re-directed to the mobile site with the option of accessing the desktop site if they wish.

Over the past couple of months we have been asked more and more if a mobile site is possible, the simple answer is yes!

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