The Social Media Minefield

Social media, well what we really me is Facebook to be honest. If you have a business it’s highly likely that you will have a Facebook page set up for that. If you still have a personal profile, how have they not caught you yet! Facebook became pretty strict on who and what could have a profile, most people I know that did have one have now been converted to a page.

What’s the difference I hear you ask? A profile has friends, a page has likes, a profile doesn’t cost anything and technically neither does a page but if you want to crack the market and gain some ground then you are at some point going to have to pay to boost your post or promote the page the reach a wider audience.

What do you get from paid promotion on Facebook?

More people will see your post or page, but whether they actually ‘see’ it or whether they just scroll on by is a hot topic, it is actually worth it? We plan to find out by doing a small experiment with a fun page of our own.

So far, all we have done is asked our friends to like it and when we’ve taken a picture of a dog told the owner about the page. They have either gone on to like the page or just liked the post.

When we post a picture there is a select number of people who seem to always like the posts. This is probably because when they first liked the page they interacted with the posts, liking, commenting or sharing. This appears to be a crucial point in the facebook algorithm, you have to grab their attention to get your posts in their feed.

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