Templates vs. Design

When making decisions about a new website the questions that you may be asking yourself are, ” Do I want to build my own website  using widely available, generic  templates which  can be bought or are provided free on many websites?”  OR,  “Do I employ an expert to make one specifically designed to reflect my own particular companies  image and ethos?”

Worpress is an good starting point for both. There are countless free templates and many quality templates that you can buy and these will provide you with a basic website.

In asking herself these very questions, one of our clients, Rosalind Walker , who owns The Velvet Easel Gallery in Portobello, Edinburgh had these thoughts:

“I had seen many websites built by friends and others seeking to save themselves  a bit of money by using web building templates (understandable given the major expense  involved in all aspects of starting up a new business).

However, in using them it often felt that they remained forever incomplete or were totally confusing…many seemed to be left un-updated with a sense of the ‘Marie Celeste’ …someone had been there but had just upped and left! 

I had taken many personal and financial risks in order to set up my own business…I decided I wanted an expert to put a public face to this business…I  set about finding a good web-designer”

Nowadays everyone is likely to be aware of the importance of a website in the promotion of a new or existing business – having it look good and easy to navigate has to be a priority.

In todays very crowded market place it is vital to stand out and promote your particular companies individuality and brand – with their knowledge and experience of the online world and a web designer/developer is likely to be of great value.

A bespoke website design will provide your business with an individual look which will be attractive to both new and returning customers. Having your website designed to do exactly what you want and need it to do will make your life very much easier as well as ultimately being extremely cost effective.

We have the knowledge and experience to organise your products, events, categories, tags, posts, pages and anything else that is essential in making the site function smoothly…

When a site is well organised users will find it simple to navigate and easy to use – it will encourage them to return again and again and to recommend it to others.

If you need all of the above, please get in touch and we will provide it.

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