You want a Phone App… no problem!

Being part of the Vibration Music Festival production team has and continues to be quite awesome!

The app in the wild!

In the months leading up to the event there were loads of exciting meetings with the rest of the team, where ideas were thrown around. One idea was for an event phone app for Android and iOS, mainly to cut back on waste. You know what it’s like, by the end of most festivals you can see thousands of site guide and band lineup leaflets totally littering the grounds. It is a bit a mess to put it mildly and of course its not good for the environment.

Like most festivals, phone reception at the festival site, Callendar Park near Falkirk, Scotland is not perfect, so the app had to be viewable offline. Vibration wants to be a leader in the festival game and wants the experience for festival goers to be as smooth, fun and easy as possible. It was only when we started chatting about what the app could actually do that the ideas started flooding in. The app was originally meant to just have the lineup and set times, but it quickly grew arms and legs!

The ability to buy bar and merchandise tokens on the app meant much smaller queues on site. There was a zoomable site map, details on all the bands as well as tons of generally handy info about the festival when you are there.

We’re over the moon with how the app turned out and are really proud and happy to be be part of Vibration’s onward journey to festival awesomeness.

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