The Velvet Easel

The Brief

A brand new gallery in an exciting vibrant place just outside Edinburgh needed a logo and a website. Roz the owner called upon us to help create her vision of something different but also to acknowledge the location of the gallery.

She didn’t want the site to be a shop, she wanted it to showcase the artists work and make it easy for people to make enquiries about paintings and artists.

As an addition she would also require leaflets advertising the galleries exhibitions that happen three times a year. We were more than happy to take on this task.

The Result

The design process was very much a fun one when it came to the Velvet Easel. It is all about art after all. After going down the route of including the easel within the logo we came to the conclusion that it was too obvious. A drastic new approach was taken and the current logo is a result of that process.

The website needed to be fairly simple to be able to showcase the work within it, yet also retain a bit of ‘Porty’ character. Roz had a photo of the beach area which we manipulated to be part of the footer to add that wee extra something

Roz is able to add new artists, move previous artist to a new section, take enquiries from potential exhibiting artists and make sales all through the website

We try to keep a loose theme for the exhibition flyers each year. Roz sends through some work that will be featured and we create not only a flyer, but several adverts for magazines too.


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