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The Brief

Stanger Pro are a talent and coaching consultancy with over 20 years’ experience in helping clients better understand and develop the potential of their people. We originally worked with Stanger Pro when they first started operating as a company. Tony had just left his job and Bid was coming back to work. They had no idea at the time if what they were offering would take off but it did, with leaps and bounds. So 2 years later they came back to us to upgrade and expand their website as they had literally outgrown the first one.

They wanted to keep the same general style, colours and fonts were to stay the same, it was all about the layout and user experience. Tony is known for his work in sport, however they wanted to expand into the business sector and needed to balance the website so it was presented in an equal manner.

They are also offering coaching courses and wanted to be able to sell the spaces online to potential clients.

The Result

Gone is the full page layout of the original design and in it’s place is a clean responsive design that should suit all Stanger Pro’s clients. Pages have been specifically developed and designed to suit the content, we hope that this makes the users journey through the site more informative and easier to understand.

Bid and Tony have a strong ethos about giving back and sharing with the community, we created a resource section that they can add interesting reads and links for people to follow. In fact as we were developing the site Tony wrote an e-book and while it is not sold through the site people can get to amazon from the website. Shoudl they choose to sell through the website the system is set up and ready to go.

We spent a great morning with Bid teaching her to use the site, update the insights, add new images and resources. We screen captured the session so she can refer back to it should she forget or not understand parts.

All in all this was a very successful collaboration between Stanger Pro and Unavoided


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