Emerge Project

The Brief

The aim of the eMERGe project is to develop a guideline to improve the way researchers report meta-ethnographies. To highlight the project which was carried out by the NMAHP Unit at Stirling University we were brought on to create a website. It did not need to be highly designed or interactive, it was to be functional but interesting.

There was a requirement to create a private area that only designated users could access. This was to allow for collaboration documents to be passed around the group without clogging up everyone’s email inbox.

The logo had been slightly developed by a previous designer.


The Result

As imagery for Meta-Ethnography is few and almost far between we took the logo and colours as inspiration. The main image is to emphasise the project title of ’emerge’ and completion when the it finally fades into it’s original colours. We continued the theme of the main photo throughout the images in the site so as not to distract from the information.

A large amount of text and information was divided up into relevant sections with the help of the eMERGe project leader Dr Emma France.

A private area for approved users was created and can be managed by a member of the project team.



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