Colin Adamson – Violin Maker

The Brief

Colin is a true craftman. He creates bespoke violins influenced by the classical period of violin making and uses this experience to make copies and new instruments of this distinctive 17th century Italian Period. Many of his instruments can be found in the hands of professional players and students from around the world. He wanted a website that would show off his skills and attract new customers. He had a video made by local videographer Micheal Rea which was very much part of our inspiration.

The Result

Incorporating the video as an opening backdrop to Colin’s website, introduces the user and potential customers to Colins skills as violin maker. It lets them know that this he makes the instrument from start to finish.

We created an area that Colin could add events and exhibitions that he is attending and also incorporated a blog so that people can keep up to date with the instruments that he makes.

People can browse the instruments that he creates and can make a very informal enquiry about the instrument. A shop was not required as these products are made to the customers specific requests.



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