New Video Project Illuminates Some of Stirling’s Fascinating History

We were so excited recently to be commissioned by Stirling Council to re-vamp Stirling Old Town Cemetery’s website. It is such a fascinating place, in such a stunning location, perched just below Stirling Castle and steeped in such diverse and interesting history.

The website, which we built a decade ago is already a brilliant resource. It has features on many of the different stones, statues, monuments, plus information on the iconic Star Pyramid and Ladies Rock among others. It also has details of the much-needed £1.7m restoration work which was recently carried out throughout the cemetery.

On a fine and sunny morning we met up with Dr Murray Cook, who is Stirling Council’s Archeologist and filmed a series of videos. These videos now feature on the new Stories Section of the website and detail some of the amazing tales that the Graveyard has to tell.

We also recorded an introductory video with him, which now features on the homepage of the site, which gives an overview of some of the graveyard’s famous features.

Stirling Old Town Cemetery
Professional Podcast Production – Let us Help!

Alongside our website and design work, audio and video production are areas that Unavoided are now moving into. Including professional podcast production!

One of our awesome clients, Marianne Rutz is a leading business consultant specialising in the field of multi language call centre management. She mentioned to us a few months ago about a dream of hers. To record, produce and launch an exciting new podcast series: The Operational Excellence Show.

Adrian has decades of experience in this field and like Marianne, is also an avid podcast listener, so we jumped at the chance to help her.

Marianne wanted her shows produced to the highest standard. She had all too often listened to shows that were badly edited, were not edited at all, or had distractingly bad sound.

We advised her on the best gear for her specific needs and, since we are relatively near to her, we popped in to help set up the equipment.

Marianne Rutz, podcast production gear in hand!
Marianne Rutz, podcast production gear in hand!

After a series of tests and calibrations we got the recordings sounding fantastic, which Marianne is absolutely thrilled about.

Unavoided Professional Podcast Production!

We listen to a lot of podcasts and youtube channels. Podcasts are a great way to learn new skills and get inspired by experts in their field. By the end of 2019 there were a staggering 30 million podcast episodes available online, with over half a million active shows. There are also over 30 million separate YouTube channels! There has never been such an abundance of entertainment, information and inspiration available.

Adrian from Unavoided teaching Marianne about podcast production.

Of course, with the sheer quantity of podcasts online, with any given topic there’s a wildly differing quality of material available. To stand out in this crowded marketplace it is essential to not only have great content, but for it to be presented as professionally as possible.

We are also excited to be helping get her show out to as many listeners as possible worldwide.

Have you been thinking about launching an audio or video channel? Contact us to find out how we can help with professional podcast production, plus a variety of video production services.

You want a Phone App… no problem!

Being part of the Vibration Music Festival production team has and continues to be quite awesome!

The app in the wild!

In the months leading up to the event there were loads of exciting meetings with the rest of the team, where ideas were thrown around. One idea was for an event phone app for Android and iOS, mainly to cut back on waste. You know what it’s like, by the end of most festivals you can see thousands of site guide and band lineup leaflets totally littering the grounds. It is a bit a mess to put it mildly and of course its not good for the environment.

Like most festivals, phone reception at the festival site, Callendar Park near Falkirk, Scotland is not perfect, so the app had to be viewable offline. Vibration wants to be a leader in the festival game and wants the experience for festival goers to be as smooth, fun and easy as possible. It was only when we started chatting about what the app could actually do that the ideas started flooding in. The app was originally meant to just have the lineup and set times, but it quickly grew arms and legs!

The ability to buy bar and merchandise tokens on the app meant much smaller queues on site. There was a zoomable site map, details on all the bands as well as tons of generally handy info about the festival when you are there.

We’re over the moon with how the app turned out and are really proud and happy to be be part of Vibration’s onward journey to festival awesomeness.