MacIntyre Asset Management

MacIntyre Asset Management manages its assets for their owners by balancing performance, managing risks and expenditures focusing on bottom line over defined lifecycles for the purpose of achieving their organisational strategic asset plan

The Brief

A simple site was required, to put MacIntyre Asset Management on the map. No real functionality was required but it did need to look slick and professional. The images used must feature Dubai Creek. This website was to appeal to ‘Old Dubai’ not the new modern and tech filled city that most people know of.

It was to be just the right balance between simple and style. A little bit of web magic was allowed but not so much that it hindered the user.

One of the most important aspects of the site was to be that it was dual language. The other language was to be Arabic.


The Result

A simple and elegant site that shows MacIntyre Asset Management is a serious contender. A small amount a javascript and CSS3 was used to add a little magic to the site to make it seem a little less static.

The number of pages in the was kept to a minimum to make it simple to navigate. This isn’t a site that needs to be at the top of google.

The Arabic translation worked really well. To make it work I used a WordPress plugin called WPML – WordPress Multi Language. It allows you to create copies of existing pages and add the same copy in another language. Arabic at times proved tricky as I had no concept of what was written and it also read from right to left, meaning copy and pasting was quite confusing. I got there in the end and all the copy was in the right place.


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