Elspeth Wyllie – Pianist

Having previously worked with Elspeth Wyllie on the Metier Ensemble website last year she wanted her own website to be as easy manage and update as that one is. Of course it was build using WordPress and we were going to do the same again.

Elspeth is based in London and by chance she was up in Edinburgh for a Festival performance. We took the chance to film her in action so that we could use it is a video background on the homepage. Having had some experience with filming and photography we set about capturing Elspeth in full piano playing flow.

Being able to film and listen to Elspeth playing on a Steinway grand piano was a treat but we also managed to really capture ‘her’. She plays the piano with such passion and gusto that I really wanted to emulate that in the design. Strong and bold was the overall feel that I was going for.

As with any performer they often want to advertise their shows and performances. We created a section that Elspeth can easily update with dates, times, locations  and maps to show precisely where and when she is playing. These will auto update to social media to help her get the message out there even more.



Client - Elspeth Wyllie


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